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Team Members

It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody's contribution is important - Gary David Goldberg

Yogesh Arora

The business magnet who is a partner and soul of the brand flip keys trading LLP. He directs and leads the team to reach new milestones beyond outlook. A computer engineer who started the work with passion is continuing to deliver the best in this industry.

Nidhi Moudgil Arora

Passionate and keen student of business. Willing to invest time & effort into her work to deliver the best. Handles marketing and social interactions very well.

Satnam Singh

Our Senior Locksmith who is heading in this field from more than a decade. Expertise in Mechanical Lock Repairing. He has been working on premium range of cars in India including Bentley and Porsche…..


Our Executive Locksmith who inherited the trait from his family business and turned out to be  an exhilarating professional in our working guidance.

Amandeep Singh

The youngest member of the Flip Key Family. Adept to the techniques of Locksmithing , Key repairing , Lock repair and Flip Keys and yet learning new things.

Lakshya Sharma

Youngest & Versatile member of our team. Still learning new things about Flip Keys, Lock Repairing, Key Repairing. Assisting other locksmiths

Rinku Singh

Belongs to Sikligar community following tradition of making antique tools and other objects. Now into repairing all types of locks.

Mohammed Shariq

The graphic designer of Flip Keys Trading LLP. A passionate person behind our simple, elegant and easy to use online designs. Self driven to create user-centric design solutions.

Mohammed Sameer

Supporting staff member of the administrative as well as technical team of the brand. Reinforcing our team work at all times and delivering the best in the class service.

Sahil Khaneja

Brilliant part of the company who assures the financial information and allocates our resources. he goes an extra mile to deliver us his work of excellence.

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