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Designer Flip Key for Suzuki Cars – B12


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Designer Flip Key for Suzuki Cars – B12

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Flip Key for Suzuki Cars (Nippon Compatible Remote Circuit Inside)

Designer & Stylish flip key for Nippon Remote System installed Suzuki Cars

  • Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
  • Maruti Suzuki SX4
  • Maruti Suzuki Ritz
  • Maruti Suzuki Wagon R ^
  • Maruti Suzuki StingRay ^
  • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto / Alto 800 / Alto K10 ^

Please Note: This Flip Key is only and only compatible with Nippon Remote system installed Maruti Suzuki Cars. Items marked ^ = “Available on Special Request” are specially customized for these cars. You will be required to mention name of your car in order note while placing order.

Using this key

Using or Assembling this key requires majorly 4 steps:

  1. Extract sensor from original key
  2. Fix sensor in new flip key
  3. Match Remote
  4. Cut key blade

Extract Sensor from original key

Process begins with extracting immobiliser / sensor from old key. Your key can be of 2 types:

  • Remote Key (In which 2 button remote is integrated in the key)
  • Non Remote Key (In which remote is separate)

Extract Immobiliser chip from remote key

Extract Immobiliser chip from non-remote key

Use Sensor in new flip key

Fitting sensor in B12 Flip Key

Remote Matching

Now you need to match the remote as shown in following videos. There are 2 remote matching process and either of them should work in your car. You may be required to try both of them to confirm which one is working in your car.

Nippon Remote Matching (Before 2010 models)

Nippon Remote Matching (After 2010 models)

Note: Remote matching is extremely important step. If you are ordering key with option “Assembling: Not required, I will fit myself” then we recommend that you practice re-matching your existing remote as shown in video. You will get acknowledgement (either beep or central locking working on remote button press) on successful matching. If you find any difficulty or fail to understand the process then we will recommend that you contact us through phone or whatsapp on +91 9876 9999 44 before placing order for this product.

Key Cutting

If you have ordered key with “Key Cutting” option by sending your key number then you can skip this step else you may get the key cut from local locksmith or key-maker.


Automatic Key cutting for Suzuki Cars

Frequently asked questions

How is Key Cutting done?

We have fully automated system which can cut the key from Key Cutting code. You will be required to provide us the Key cutting code & clear image of your key to get perfectly cut key according to your car.

Suzuki Key Cutting on Silca Futura

Snapshot of Automatic Key cutting process

Can I get pre-cut key without sending my key?

You can request for pre-cut key according to key number. You can find the key number on aluminium key tag or service manual. It starts with letters “IP” and followed by 4 numerical digits.


You will also be required to send photo of original key by email ( or by WhatsApp (+91 9876 9999 44) after completing order for comparison so that we can verify key cut according to key number matches with original key or not.

What if I don't have key cutting code?

Yes, Its quite common to loose the tag or forget key cutting code. In this case, You can send clear & sharp photo of your key blade by Whatsapp to +91 9876 9999 44 and we will feed that data into our automated computer system to deduce key cutting code. If our system calculates the code correctly, we will inform you and then you can place the order.

What is "Assembling: Required, I will send my key" option for?

You can send your original key  by courier. We will not only cut the new key blade but will also fix the immobiliser chip in new key. This option is most suitable if you are not acquaintance with technical option of fitting a flip key. You can send the original key to following address:

Flip Keys Trading LLP
Shop No. 183
Sector 16
Panchkula – 134 112
Haryana (India)

(91) 9876 9999 44

What is "Assembling: Not Required, I will fit myself" option for?

If you have only one key or comfortable with assembling the new Flip Key by yourself then you can always order the key with this option. If you can provide key number we can also send you the pre-cut key. You can take help of our tutorial in getting your new key fixed and can also contact us if you need further assistance.

How to change battery in this key?

Changing battery in this key is quite easy. It uses CR2032 3 Volt Battery. Click following link to watch YouTube video on changing battery in this key:

B12 Battery Change

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    I got my work done in almost no time. A quick order was placed and key was delivered to me in no time that too at an attractive price. I’m more than satisfied. I rate flip keys 10/10. Really amazed by the good job done by flip keys owner Mr Yogesh Arora and his team. The technician who delivered my keys was very efficient in checking my new flip key with my car. Great job guys. I love flipkeys. Would recommend it to most of my friends who are in need of flip keys.

    • Yogesh Arora

      Really Thanks for your feedback

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