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Spare Remote for Figo, Fiesta & Fusion – B17

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Spare Remote for Figo, Fiesta & Fusion – B17

1,800.00 1,650.00

Out of stock

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Ford Figo, Fiesta & Fusion (Top Model) usually comes with 1 OEM remote key and simple key. This remote can be used as spare remote with your non-remote key. This remote is suitable for OEM remote system installed in your car. Remote can be easily matched to your car. No special tool or device is required.

Steps for Remote Matching

  1. Open driver-side door with one working remote or manually with a key
  2. Insert any key in ignition
  3. Quickly turn ignition ON OFF 4 times
  4. On 4th time, blinkers (indicator lights) will flash one time to confirm entry into remote learning mode
  5. Press any button on first remote to be learned to match it to car
  6. Similarly press any button on other remote(s) to be learned to match it to the car
  7. Take out the key from ignition to end remote learning mode
  8. Close the driver-side door and check matched remote for working

Ford Remote Matching

Compatibility 100%
Ease of matching 100%

Frequently asked questions

How to change battery in this key?

Changing battery is quite easy. It uses CR2032 3 Volt battery. Watch Video


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