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Replacement Flip Key case for i20 (Old)


Replacement Flip Key case for i20 (Old)


Flip Key for Hyundai I20

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Flip Key case for Hyundai I20 (Old Model)

If your original casing of Hyundai I20 is damaged, cracked, worn-out or flip mechanism is not working properly then you can buy this replacement casing to change the original casing.

Please Note: This is just an empty case without any remote circuit inside it. You will be required to use your remote circuit inside this case.

Video Tutorial for replacing the casing

Frequently asked questions

How is Key Cutting done?

We have fully automated system which can cut the key from Key Cutting code. You will be required to provide us the Key cutting code & clear image of your key to get perfectly cut key according to your car.


Snapshot of Automatic Key cutting process

What is "Key Cutting Required" option for?

If old key blade is worn-out, damaged or you are not comfortable with fitting old key blade in new key then you can request for pre-cut key according to key number (charged extra). You can find the key number on key tag or service manual. It starts with letter “P” and followed by 4 numerical digits.


You will also be required to send photo of original key by email ( or by WhatsApp (+91 9876 9999 44) after completing order for comparison so that we can verify key cut according to key number matches with original key or not.

What is "Key Cutting Required + Full Fitting" option for?

You can send your old flip key to us by courier. We will not only cut the new key blade but will also fix the remote circuit & immobiliser chip in new key. This option is most suitable if you are not acquaintance with technical option of fitting a flip key. You can send the old flip key to following address:

Flip Keys Trading LLP
Shop No. 183
Sector 16
Panchkula – 134 112
Haryana (India)

(91) 9876 9999 44

What if I don't have key cutting code?

Yes, Its quite common to loose the tag or forget key cutting code. In this case, You can send clear & sharp photo of your key blade by Whatsapp to +91 9876 9999 44 and we will feed that data into our automated computer system to deduce key cutting code. If our system calculates the code correctly, we will inform you and then you can place the order.

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