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Chrome Flip Key for Endeavour

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Chrome Flip Key for Endeavour

4,000.00 3,500.00

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Ford Endeavour usually comes with 1 original remote. This Flip is suitable for OEM remote system installed in your car. This Flip Key contains an inbuilt remote compatible with OEM system which can be easily matched to your car. No special tool or device is required.

You will be required to send your 1 key to our place, we will extract the sensor from it, see following video:

We will use the sensor from your key to make this Flip Key. This key has inbuilt remote which can be matched to your car easily.

Remote Matching Steps

  1. Open driver side door (either manually with key or with one working remote). Keep it in open position. All other doors should remain close.
  2. Insert key in ignition.
  3. Turn ON OFF the ignition 3 times. Do not start the car, just rotate the key to ON position and then to OFF position, do this 3 times.
  4. Take out the key from ignition.
  5. Now press door switch 3 times. Door switch is a small push button type switch on chassis which gets pressed when you close the door. Its on lower bottom outside of chassis where door closes.
  6. Central locking will cycle once. It will lock & Unlock once to confirm entry into programming mode.
  7. Press Lock button on remote twice to match it to the car. Central locking will cycle once again if remote is successfully matched.
  8. Repeat step 7 for all other remote to be matched.

Ford Endeavour Remote Matching Video


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