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Chevrolet Optra Remote Key

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Chevrolet Optra Remote Key

600.00 550.00

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Replacement case for Chevrolet Optra. Can be used with both old key (having rubber buttons) or new key (having plastic buttons). Just take out the remote from your old key and use in this new shell. Key blade can be cut by your local key-maker or locksmiths.

Important Instruction: If your original remote is little tight to fit in this replacement case then you can use a file (or nail file) to set the width of remote before fitting in this case. Only minute adjustment may be required. If you are not comfortable with DIY (or self fitting) then you can send your remote key to our address, we will complete the procedure at no extra cost.

Ease of Fitting 80%
Compatibility 85%
Quality 90%

Key Cutting Service

There is an option in this product regarding Key Cutting while making purchase online:

  • Required: If you choose this option, then we will not ship the product immediately. Instead we will wait for your key to arrive to our address so that we can cut the key accordingly and fit your remote in the new replacement casing.
  • Not Required (Default Option): This option is selected by default. If you place your order by this option then we will ship the key to your address (subject to payment confirmation) & you will be required to get the key cut and remote fit in the new casing.


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