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Hero Bike Immobilizer key is most economical

Today we got a lockset for some Honda Bike which had an immobiliser in it. We got the lockset only for key cut (as it was an lost case). When we tried scanning the key on JMA TRS 5000 but it was unable to read the sensor / immobilizer code in it and showed “No Key“. We managed to take photos of the lockset and key. The big surprise was that Immobilizer Key costs Rs 160/- only.

Immobilizer in Hero Bikes

7 thoughts on “Immobilizer in Hero Bikes

  1. Hello.,
    I have a Alto 800 without central Lock,
    I want to buy central lock with flip keys or central lock with remot so u give me matching remote + keys ? Please suggest me which company central lock I buy ???
    Please reply asap

  2. is there any system for bike to prevent with theft and to control speed & tracking of location???
    if yes, pls let me know the price or charges.

  3. I have hero x-tream immobiliser. I lost its keys, I dont have any key to use. Please suggest me where can I buy immobiliser keys.

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