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Hyundai I20 Rubber Button Cheap Fix

Hyundai Flip Key Damaged Key

We got a Hyundai I20 Key for repair. Keypad of this key was torn-out and customer had found a unique way to fix that. He inserted a small metal ball bearing in place of holes left after removing the keypad. He found a perfect size of ball bearings which fit perfectly in those holes.

Although a cheap fix, but its not recommended for regular use. On close watching you can find that there is little gap left between bearing and plastic casing which allows dust and water inside. On prolonged usage this may also result in damage of remote circuit. Its recommended that you use replacement keypad instead of this cheap-fix.

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12 thoughts on “Hyundai I20 Rubber Button Cheap Fix

  1. Hello i want a verna & i20 key rubber pad. Can u please help me out.
    Please u can contact me in this number 9916178522

  2. Hi, I have lost one of my flip keys (i20 2010 model). Is it possible to create a duplicate key, since it has got a circuit in it?

  3. Hello I lost the steel Ring which is around the rubber keypad. Can I get a new steel ring in the Market or Online?

    – Nirmalya

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