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Honda Accord ID 48 Immobiliser

Very few Honda Accord sold in India have ID 48 Megamos Crypto Magic 2 Immobilizer Chip (Normally you will find this chip in old Skoda cars). Although rare, but sometimes it becomes extremely important to correctly identify this as in lost key case you may end up in programming wrong immobilizer ID as T5, 46, 8E are also used in the same car but their usage depends upon immobiliser receiver fitted on the ignition lock.

First picture shows the detail about this immobiliser receiver coil fitted on ignition lock. It reads:

CANADA 25001031905A

More details to identify ID 48 Honda Accord

Model / Year of manufacturingof Honda Accord: 2005

Model / Year of manufacturing of Honda Accord: 2005


Honda Accord Speedometer with ID 48 immobiliser

Reading Honda Accord ID 48 Immobiliser on JMA TRS-5000

Reading Honda Accord ID 48 Immobiliser on JMA TRS-5000

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