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Ford Changed Immobilizer Chip in 2016 cars

Ford Figo Aspire has recently (2016+) updated its immobilizer keys which can’t be copied with current updates of JMA TRS 5000.

On JMA TRS 5000 it reads:

TP37-PCF79xxx PH.CR3
See Manual TP
ID BD333151C0

On TM100, same immobilizer chip shows the following message:

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

Similarly on new Ecosport, the immobiliser chip can no longer be copied on JMA TRS 5000. Here is what it shows on TM100:

(Click image to enlarge)

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4 thoughts on “Ford Changed Immobilizer Chip in 2016 cars

  1. Hi

    I have Ford Figo 2011 Dec model (diesel) wanted to have key with Immobilizer Chip.

    I am based out of Bangalore, please assist with the address within Bangalore.

    Or Advise


  2. Ive lost a key, I was thinking of removing the chip and gluing it to the ignition ring to disable the immobilizer. Our local automotive locksmith offered to make a toyota quot;clone key quot; for $80 each on the spot, it s a special key with a unique programming procedure.

  3. I hv a duster with two remote keys.One key is not working. Is there any chance of replacing the same electronic parts. Pl give ur suggestions with replacement expense details.

    My mobile number is 09037466032

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