Volkswagen Phaeton Key

Today we got a OEM key for Volkswagen Phaeton for making a copy. Although we didn’t had any compatible key for that but were able to click pictures of its circuit which will be helpful in repairing this key. This car was sold in India (before 2014 model) and now its discontinued. This is a full smart keyless system. It has 434 Mhz frequency and ID 46 (Hitag 2) sensor.

Hyundai I20 Rubber Button Cheap Fix

Hyundai Flip Key Damaged Key

Creative use of ball bearing to fix broken button in Hyundai Flip Key. We got a Hyundai I20 Key for repair. Keypad of this key was torn-out and customer had found a unique way to fix that. He inserted a small metal ball bearing in place of holes left after removing the keypad. He found a perfect size of ball bearings which fit perfectly in those holes.

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Suzuki Sensor Extraction

Nearly all the Maruti Suzuki Cars (2007+ Models) sold in India have an immobilizer chip in their keys. They refer to this technology as i-CATS system. You will find either ID 65, ID 40 or ID 46 chips in these keys. 800 (2007+ models) : ID 65 Alto (2007 – 2010) : ID 65 Alto (2010+ models) : ID 46 manchester

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