Hyundai I20 Rubber Button Cheap Fix

Hyundai Flip Key Damaged Key

Creative use of ball bearing to fix broken button in Hyundai Flip Key. We got a Hyundai I20 Key for repair. Keypad of this key was torn-out and customer had found a unique way to fix that. He inserted a small metal ball bearing in place of holes left after removing the keypad. He found a perfect size of ball bearings which fit perfectly in those holes.

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Suzuki Sensor Extraction

Nearly all the Maruti Suzuki Cars (2007+ Models) sold in India have an immobilizer chip in their keys. They refer to this technology as i-CATS system. You will find either ID 65, ID 40 or ID 46 chips in these keys. 800 (2007+ models) : ID 65 Alto (2007 – 2010) : ID 65 Alto (2010+ models) : ID 46 manchester

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