Suzuki Sensor Extraction

Nearly all the Maruti Suzuki Cars (2007+ Models) sold in India have an immobilizer chip in their keys. They refer to this technology as i-CATS system. You will find either ID 65, ID 40 or ID 46 chips in these keys. 800 (2007+ models) : ID 65 Alto (2007 – 2010) : ID 65 Alto (2010+ models) : ID 46 manchester

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Toyota Sensor Extraction

Indian Toyota cars have mostly 4 types of immobiliser sensor in its keys, namely

  • ID 4C (in old Corolla and Camry)
  • ID 60 (in few 2005-06 model Innova)
  • ID 67 (in most of 2005-09 model Innova, Corolla Altis, Etios and Liva)
  • G-series chip (in 2009+ Innova, Fortuner etc.)


You can cut the rubber grip on key to reveal its sensor and take it out from it.

This video is suitable for Toyota Innova, Corolla, Altis, Etios, Liva, Fortuner and Camry keys. If you have any any of these cars and want to extract sensor from them then you can take help of above video to extract sensor from it. No professional tools is required except from a simple blade.

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