Toyota Fortuner Remote Matching

Initial Steps common for all procedures (Need to perform before Add/Rewrite/Synchronisation/Prohibit) All Doors closed & unlocked Insert Key in Ignition Key Cylinder. Wait for 5 seconds Ignition On & Off 4 times and Ignition On on 5th time Driver Door Open & Close 1 time Ignition Off Answer Back (Horn) will come  Add Driver Door [...] Continue reading »

Skoda Remote System

Skoda supplies above remote system to be used with their Fabia and Rapid (base model cars). These cars are not provided with Remote Keys (Flip Keys) and only given simple key. Customer can choose to opt for this remote system instead of going for After-market remote system which may void warranty on their car.

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Hyundai I20 Rubber Button Cheap Fix

Hyundai Flip Key Damaged Key

Creative use of ball bearing to fix broken button in Hyundai Flip Key. We got a Hyundai I20 Key for repair. Keypad of this key was torn-out and customer had found a unique way to fix that. He inserted a small metal ball bearing in place of holes left after removing the keypad. He found a perfect size of ball bearings which fit perfectly in those holes.

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